Tuesday 2 October 2012

Introducing: The Hippie Housewife Homeschools!

I'm so excited to share this with you!

As part of the boy's homeschool portfolio, we've created a blog to record some of our daily activities. You can follow along over at The Hippie Housewife Homeschools!

While not every aspect of our learning is included (as if we could!), this blog represents a sampling of our activities, conversations, and achievements. At the bottom of each post, I have included the category in which the activity best fits on the boy's Student Learning Plan for the year.

On occasion, a larger activity may be shared on both blogs. For the most part, however, our daily homeschooling journey will be detailed over at The Hippie Housewife Homeschools, while general homeschooling posts (philosophy discussions, etc) will remain over here.

Come on over and browse the archives, which so far include a crumbled leaf tree craft, a Lego maze, baking soda and vinegar trays, and more!

We hope you'll follow along! You can subscribe via feed reader or email.


  1. I'm a year behind you. We are just beginning some activities that seem officially "school-like" (E. loves worksheets!) Mostly right now it's about getting in the habit of translating what we do every day into Educationese. I will definitely grab the link for my Google Reader. Thanks for letting us know!

    1. That's it exactly, Kate. Taking our usual daily life and figuring out how to translate it into "educationese" (love the word). It's a bit frustrating, but at the same time it's been so interesting to see how much we actually do even though it feels like we don't really do anything. Nothing formal, nothing official, just carrying on with life. It's a nice feeling to see that being validated in a more tangible way. :)