Friday 19 October 2012

My Name is Abigail

You can find me over at Mashena today, guest posting on the story of Abigail.

Courage and intelligence. Discernment and initiative. Humility and wisdom. These were the qualities that saved Abigail, Nabal, and their household from death at the hand of David and his men.

With discernment, she did what needed to be done.

In wisdom, she concealed her plan from Nabal.

In courage, she traveled to meet David.

With humble grace and tact, she appealed to him to stay his hand...

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Nicole is seminary grad school student who seeks to make her life one that offers stability, rest, and welcome. She is passionate about issues relating to social justice, faith, and health at every size. She writes an ongoing series Fridays about girls, women, and female imagery and personification in the Bible. Be sure to check out some of her other posts while you're there, as well as the rest of her Feminine Friday series!

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