Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weekend Reading

A Lovable Feast @ Elizabeth Esther
Here’s what I’m sensing: Christians are living a Great Divorce. Our parents – Protestant & Catholic – divorced hundreds of years ago and we, their children, have been picking up the broken pieces.

It’s time, I think, to remember what we already are: we are ONE in Christ. conquers all. All of our divisions, all of our brokenness, all of our defenses, all of our walls. Love unites. Love heals.

It’s time for us to feast on this love.

Love and marriage @ The Not-Ever-Still Life
"So the steps of getting married are to find someone you love who loves you back just as much and then to throw up and see what happens?"

"Pretty much, yes."

Storms and Half-Truths @ Living Free
Looking back, I realize that she only shared half the story. She shared the bad news, without proclaiming the good. Yes, all of those things are true. God is just, and right, and holy. We do need that spotless righteousness to replace our sinful, dirty rags. The best part of the story was missing--she left out the God-made-man that took the sins of the world and the whole of our punishment on His back.

God is gracious, and kind, and good. As we encounter those who have hard living written from head to foot, let's share the wild grace of God unabashedly. Let's share it just as enthusiastically with those who hide their scars well. Don't let the voices telling the half-truths carry the narrative. Let's tell the whole story.

Panicking About Preschool @ Christian Unschooling
No lessons, no practice or pressure on our part. No fancy printable tracing letters from a fancy printable preschool website. He’s just a sponge. Who took the time to learn his own name because he wants to, because it’s his name and he takes pride in it and he enjoys learning new things. Not because we doll it up and make it fun for him.

Just because the real reward in learning is the unpressured joy in learning itself.

Don’t let the pressure of mastering the basics stress you out. Preschoolers eat and breathe the basics. If you create an environment of creativity and availability your preschooler will pick up the skills they need simply by living.

Entertaining Angels Unaware: Serving the little angels in my home @ I Take Joy
It is not the indoctrination of theology forced down daily that crafts a soul that believes, it is the serving and loving and giving that surrounds the messages where souls are reached.

A truth, without love and grace, is a truth that is rejected, because Jesus’ words without Jesus becoming the servant king who washed feet and fed thousands and took children into His arms, would not be God incarnated.


  1. My most pithy and poetic :)
    Thanks for the shout-out, lovely!

    1. Robin, it made me grin like crazy because it's so true. Your little E could not have summed it up any more perfectly. :)

  2. I found your blog because I was looking for posts on slow girl is 23 months and nurses all the time. She's our fourth and last baby and I don't want to wean her completely, just stop the amount! I loved finding you here. Congratulations on your baby girl!

    1. Thanks so much, Maggie! Glad to have you here. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing my post! I'm just now catching up on my blog reading...I saw those words and thought, "Wow...that sounds familiar!". HA!

    1. That's hilarious, Sherry! Thanks for sharing your beautiful words. :)