Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Halfway to One

You're six months old today, sweet girl. Half a year now you've been with us, delighting us, and you fit so perfectly in our little family.

You spend your days cooing and babbling, being doted over by each one of us. You roll and squirm and even scoot yourself forward on your belly. One moment you're here and the next you're there and nothing on the floor is safe from you anymore. Thank you, darling, for finally being the impetus that would get your biggest brother to stop leaving his Lego all over the floor every day. My feet and cluttered brain appreciate it very much.

Your brothers have not lost their delight in you one bit - well, there was that one day when you chewed up a set of Lego instructions and little brother said he didn't like you anymore, but not five minutes had passed before he was back to giving you kisses and talking to you in that heart-melting way of his. And your affection for them is already apparent as well; you've begun giving a little holler of annoyance when those boys of yours leave the room before you're done cooing at them. Soon, baby, soon, you'll be following them everywhere.

It's interesting to me that you were my most difficult pregnancy and yet my easiest baby. You are simply Contentedness personified, so at ease with the world around you. I am so curious to see who you will become as your personality continues to emerge. No rush, though. Be my happy baby for a while longer.

I love the way you play with my hair, the way you grasp onto my shirt, the way you go from sucking your thumb to nursing and back to the thumb again, hardly a second in between. I love waking up to your smile and going to bed beside your sleeping face, the last thing I see as I reach over to turn off the lamp. I love that little tongue you have discovered, now perpetually sticking out of your mouth. I love love love how snuggly you are. I thank God for you every day. What a blessing to have you in our lives.

Thank you, baby girl, for growing our hearts and filling our days with even more joy. I love you, my darling.


  1. Really beautiful. She sounds lucky to have you as a mother.

  2. that is a sweet posting. Time goes by so fast with the wee ones.