Friday 15 February 2013

Slimy Snake Brownies

You can blame Pinterest, of course.

I mean, just look at this delectable bit of food porn. These Fudgy Avocado Brownies had to be made. By me. Immediately.

We were driving home from swim class when I announced my plan.

"No," says the boy. Just no, nothing else. No, putting avocados in brownies would not be an acceptable plan.

"Well, yes. I will be making them. You can help if you like. I think you'll like them."

"No," he repeated. "I want to make cookies that I can use cookie cutters on and then decorate." He's big into cookie cutters, like a typical child, I think.

"They have green icing on them. Like slime! How fun is that?" I'm really working hard at selling these things now. Yes, here I am, trying to convince my kids to eat brownies. The irony doesn't hit me until much later. "We could call them Slimy Brownies."

He thinks for a moment. "Yes! I want to make slimy brownies."

Yessssss. I win.

But then the little brother pipes up. "No! Let's call them SNAKE brownies!"

"No, Slimy Brownies!"

"No, Snake Brownies!"

"Mommy said Slimy Brownies!"

I think fast, then interrupt their back-and-forth. "We could call them Slimy Snake Brownies. Would that work?"

A chorus: "Yes!!"

Whew. Another sibling crisis averted. Peace reigns again. Well, for the next few minutes, anyway.

We did indeed make the Slimy Snake Brownies. The icing was indeed slime-green in colour. The brownies were indeed as delicious as they look. Let's call this one a Pinterest win.

What's cooking in your kitchen today?


  1. We made chocolate chip short bread. My kiddos loved it and its super easy to make.

  2. so wheres the recipe!?

    1. I've linked to it twice in the post; it's not my recipe to repost in its entirety. You can find it here: Fudgy Avocado Brownies

  3. Ohh they look delicious. Definitely on the to make list.

  4. cupcakes and cookies at our house this last week. those look very good! and a sibling standoff eliminate..perfect!

  5. I love how you thought on your feet for that argument! Those brownied look really cool too