Friday 21 November 2008

Date night!

My husband and I used to have "date night" every Friday night. I don't know when we fell out of the habit, but now with him unemployed we spend lots of time together anyway. But tonight! Tonight we are going out on a date. By ourselves.

Oh, the craziness.

This will be only the second time we have left our son with someone else, plus once or twice when we left him with my husband's parents when we were out there visiting. So it'll be sort of strange. Perhaps a bit nerve-wracking. I admit it, I have a really hard time trusting him with anyone else - but more than that, we just haven't felt the need to. He joins us wherever we go and we enjoy being with him. We have time alone together after he goes to bed.

But my husband wanted to go to a concert of Handel's Messiah (hardly the most toddler-friendly activity) and really, an evening out together will be nice. The couple who will be watching him this evening are truly wonderful people, I don't have the slightest hesitation over leaving him in their care.

Which probably won't stop me from worrying just a teensy bit anyway.

Off to tidy up the house a bit while looking forward to our date. Ooh, whatever shall I wear?


  1. awww how sweet. A date night, I wanted my husband and I to do this, but our schedules just work for it right now, once we graduate maybe *sigh*. Have fun!

  2. I definitely understand the nerve-wracking part of it. :P I have a hard time leaving Hannah and am always relieved to see her again.

  3. Have fun! We are out of the habit too. We have gone on 3 dates in the past year. Not good!

  4. Hallelujah!!!

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful evening!

  5. Oo, have a good time!

  6. That'll be nice!! Oh I wish we could spend time together when Daniel goes to bed,but Mike usually isn't home or Daniel isn't asleep haha I'm so looking forward to our date night!