Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today has been a crazy day.

I work from home, but this morning I had to go in to a client's to help them with their accounting system. I guesstimated one hour, two tops. Four hours later, I was finally done and on my way.

Sadly, I wasn't heading home, but to the mechanics, as our heater hasn't been working for a couple weeks now and it was time to admit that it needed some help (plus, the burning smell...couldn't mean anything good). I drop my car off, but now it's pouring and I've got a good half hour's walk ahead of me since the mechanic had no courtesy cars left. Meanwhile I'm imagining my poor boy at home, nearly five hours since I left and now his naptime. I just hoped the neighbours didn't complain about the wailing that was sure to be happening.

And then this lady, another customer, offers to give me a ride home! I gratefully accept and ten minutes later I'm unlocking the door to our home, after thanking the lady profusely and being told to pass it on if I can (I absolutely will!). I don't hear any screaming yet. This is good. I open the door and find, not my son crying, but my husband moaning. He's been sick ever since I left, he tells me, but the little guy has been an absolute angel for him (phew!).

After a few minutes of rushing around changing a diaper and getting a load of wash going, I get both my men settled into our bed for a nap. Shhhh, they're sleeping.

So after that crazy morning, I need to pull out the bits I'm especially thankful for:

* Having a sweet little boy who will sit on the couch at his sick daddy's feet, reading books quietly to himself.

* Having a wonderful husband who, despite spending five hours watching said boy by himself while shaking and throwing up and feeling generally miserable, doesn't grumble in the least when I finally get back home.

* Having a kind stranger offer to drive me home so that I don't have to walk through the rain.

* Having heat in my car again, and a repair bill that isn't too frightening.

* Having a job that usually allows me to work from home.

Now to continue knitting a tiny little hat for Mama to Mama's Caps to Cap-Haitien Project, and wait for my boys to wake up from their nap.


  1. yay to this entry. i haven't done a thankful entry in years. i should.

  2. What a nice entry. It's sometime hard to see the good in a day, but it's especially great that the lady gave you a ride home. I'm glad you had a blessed day and I hope it continues :)

  3. Wow! What a blessed day! I'm not complaining, but I was dealing with a sick husband and healthy, hyper kids this last week and you are indeed blessed.

  4. Wow what a day. I pray your hubby feels better soon. It's great that through everything you still were able to show your gratitude. It's the little things that we most often overlook and take for granted.

    Oh and just to let you know, I'm knitting one of those little hats. Well I plan on one, but I may do a couple depending on how many I can make from the cotton yarn I bought today.


  5. Aw, Melody, that's so sweet of you. :) I know a mother in Cap-Haitien will appreciate it very much.