Thursday, 27 November 2008


Melody at Transitions of an Overachiever has asked me to write seven random things about myself. How fun - so here goes!

1. I am the oldest of six kids. When I was growing up, I didn't want a large family myself. Now that I have one child of my own, I love the idea of a large family. But it seems they'll be quite spread out, as my son is 19 months old and my period has yet to return. Go, breastfeeding. I hope to foster and/or adopt children at some point in the future.

2. Everyone has at least one silly little fear. (Right? You all do? Because that's what I tell myself to make myself feel better about having this silly little fear.) I can't dangle my arm or leg - or even my hand - off the edge of the bed during the night. Why? Because I can't see what's down there. There could be - who knows? - an alligator under the bed ready to snap my hand off as soon as it dangles over the edge. Or someone could grab me and yank me off the bed. You just never know. Similarly, even though I am a very strong and comfortable swimmer (passed all my levels up to lifeguarding, participated in several mini triathalons, etc), I don't like swimming in lakes where I can't see the bottom - because again, who knows what's down there just waiting to bite my foot off or grab my ankle and drag me under? Okay, fine, so I realize that both of those are completely irrational - that doesn't change the fact that I can't bring myself to let my arm dangle over the edge of the bed at night.

3. I worked in a library for seven years. I loved working there. If I could, I'd work in a library for the rest of my life (once my children were grown). I love libraries. I love books.

4. As a work-at-home mom, I work four different jobs at the moment. I am an accountant for a public accounting firm (my boss let me start working from home instead of coming back to the office when my maternity leave ended), I am a distance education instructor for a college, I do program development and investment tracking for a man I used to work for, and I do some bookkeeping for another man I used to work for. The last three are all jobs I do for employers in a different province than the one I currently live in (I moved away from there two and a half years ago).

5. I did all of my education (a professional Certified General Accountant designation and a Bachelor of Applied Business Administration degree) by distance education over the course of five years. I took a double course load in my first year and did summer courses to cut down the time on the seven year program. I also worked three jobs at the same time and graduated debt-free. I highly recommend distance education to those who have the self-motivation to do the course work yourself.

6. I met my husband when we were in the seventh grade. We didn't start dating until two years after we graduated high school (eight years after we met). He is such a nice and loving man and I am very blessed to have married him. He's also an amazing father, so patient and silly and fun.

7. I raise hermit crabs. I think they are the neatest pet ever. I also have two cats, but pretty much they just drive me nuts.


  1. "I don't like swimming in lakes where I can't see the bottom - because again, who knows what's down there just waiting to bite my foot off or grab my ankle and drag me under?"


  2. Wow, you are a very busy and motivated person! These days I just feel tired all the time and I spend way to much time on the computer! I wish I could work from home but I'm not sure how much I would get done with my two kids around!
    I have irrational fears too; heights, water, small spaces, spiders, etc. I could go on!

  3. This doesn't have anything at all to do with this post; I just don't know if Blogger alerts you to comments on old posts (it didn't when I was using it, but that was a few years back). Anyway, this is just to say that I've left comments on two of your older posts - the one about why you disagree with Obama, and the one about why you practice extended nursing. (You don't have to reply to either of them - just didn't know whether you'd spot they were there, so am letting you know.)

    I'm curious - what do you like about hermit crabs? And I'm glad to hear from someone who's scared of what might be under the bed. Makes me feel better about being too scared to use the bathroom during the night without putting a light on. ;-)

  4. These are some very interesting things! I have to say I feel pretty much the same about the bed at night thing. Mostly with my hands though ;)

  5. Aw, thanks guys, you made me feel much less ashamed of my embarrassingly silly fears!

    Sarah, I did read your very thought-provoking comments, and I do intend to reply (my limited blogging time is currently spent doing up blog posts for NaBloPoMo - just two more days!).

    As for what I like about hermit crabs, I just find them to be fascinating pets to watch. They way they crawl, the whole process of molting, the way they feel when you hold them, watching them switch shells - they're just fascinating. As an added bonus, they're clean (don't carry disease), don't smell, and aren't terribly high maintenance once you figure out how to care for them properly (as they require a particular level of humidity and temperature in their habitat, as well as having particular water and food needs). And I think they're just plain cute, with their big eyes and long antennae and neat pincers and shells.

  6. I also don't like to swim where I don't know how deep it is. I swim in the lake every now and then, but I don't swim if it's all murky and stuff.

    Wow you did all your education through distance learning?! I'm very impressed. I've always wondered where you obtained your education, I just never asked. I guess now I know.

  7. Hi again. Very interesting! I am the eldest of 9, also can not dangle legs/arms over the side of the bed (once my brother really was under there to grab me!), love books, and we are currently pursuing adoption as I type.